Indian Cooking Spices

Indian spices

If you are just getting introduced to Indian cooking and recipes, you might feel overwhelmed by the amount and variety of spices that go into even some of the simplest of dishes. Many westerners either hate Indian food or love it with a passion. Indian cooking spices, while making food very spicy, can also offer a number of health benefits. Some of the most popular Indian cooking spices and their benefits are discussed below.

Turmeric – Indian cooking spices

Turmeric is one of the very popular Indian spices that is predominantly used to lend a vibrant, yellow/orange color to a dish. However, turmeric is also very famous for the number of health benefits it has to offer. Turmeric is a natural antioxidant. It contains an ingredient called Curcumin that offers many healthy benefits. In fact, Curcumin has even been part of several clinical trials where scientists have examined its effectiveness to kill cancerous cells in the colon and intestines. There has also been some evidence that turmeric has the ability to fight against the Alzheimer’s disease.

Ginger – Indian cooking spices

Ginger is another staple in the line of Indian cooking spices. It is used to add a tangy taste to any dish that it is added to. Many Indians even prepare food with ginger as the main flavor and you will find selections such as “Ginger chicken” when you go to Indian or ethnic restaurants. This very popular spice in the Indian cooking spices line and it also has several healing abilities. It is commonly used to treat stomach aches and motion sickness. Pregnant women suffering from nausea also make use of ginger to give themselves immediate relief.

Garlic – Indian cooking spices

Garlic, apart from being an important part of the Indian cooking spices, is also a vital ingredient in many other International cuisines. It is quite a potent spice that can leave food tasting delicious although one will generally have to rinse their mouth well after eating a dish with a lot of garlic in it. The reason is because garlic, like some of the other Indian cooking spices, can┬áleave a very strong odor in the mouth. However, people who shun it for the pungent odor must understand that they are also missing out on garlic’s abilities to reduce cholesterol and blood pressure. Garlic also has the ability to fight against certain cancerous cells.

Coriander – Indian cooking spices

Coriander is one of those Indian spices that is primarily used as a garnish or as the main ingredient in dipping sauces. It has a taste that is best described as citrusy or tangy in nature. Other Indian cooking spices that will definitely be worth looking into are spices such as cumin, mustard, chili powder and cardamom. If you are looking for Indian cooking spices that will offer a sweet taste, you can try out jaggery which is a form of brown sugar. Jaggery is used in the preparation of several sweet dishes in India.

In conclusion, one will be very impressed with the taste and health benefits of Indian cooking spices if they do decide to try them out.