Responsibilities of a Line Cook

Line Cook

A line cook is a cook who oversees one single station in a kitchen. A line cook position is actually an entry level position in the kitchen. However, even the most famous celebrity chefs would have spent some time as a line cook before they moved on to higher positions in the cooking line. People who work as line cooks will have the opportunity to practice consistency and speed in their work.
If you were just offered a position as a line cook, you can read through the duties mentioned below to understand what you will be doing while serving your time as a line cook in a kitchen. Tasks that a line cook will be involved in

Setting up the cooking station

One of the first duties that a line cook will be involved in as soon as they enter the kitchen is when they set up their station for the day’s work. They will have to bring in all the food items from the pantry and will also need to organize their cooking utensils. Then, he or she, depending on the needs of the kitchen, may be put in charge of various stations like the saute station, fry station or the grill station. In some restaurants, line cooks may also be put in charge of the garde-manger station. The garde-manger station is where cold foods are prepped for┬áserving or for refrigeration.

Prepping items for service

Once the station is all set up, the cook will have to begin with all the grunt work that may include duties such as cutting vegetables, cutting meat or making sauces. In some kitchens where work is hectic, it is not uncommon for line cooks to do prep work for other stations that might be overwhelmed with work.

Work during serviceLine Cook Working During Service

When service has started, the skills of a cook on the line will be really tested as they will have to keep up with orders that keep streaming in. They will have to time the delivery of their food in such a way that it coincides will the delivery time from all the other stations for a meal at a particular table. During service, the skills of a line cook will be tested for accuracy, quality of presentation and the perfection of timing.

Cleaning up work station

Once the customers have left and service is shut down, the line cook will have to begin cleaning up of their station. Unused food will have to stored away in the pantry after they are properly wrapped. All the equipment that was used in the day’s work will need to be shut off, cleaned and sanitized for the next day’s work.

General duties

Apart from all the duties mentioned above, these cooks might also be required to take inventory counts, train other line cooks and also oversee the general cleaning of certain areas in the kitchen.
The job can be quite hectic although it also provides an invaluable work experience.